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The Main Stages of Growing Locs

Growing locs, also known as dreadlocks, is a process that involves matting and twisting the hair into individual locks. Here are the stages of growing locs:

  1. The Starter Phase: During this stage, the hair is left to grow naturally without any interference. The hair may be washed and moisturized regularly, but no twisting or locking is done.

  2. The Baby Locs Phase: This stage occurs when the hair starts to mat and form small, tight knots. The knots can be encouraged to lock by twisting or palm rolling the hair regularly.

  3. The Juvenile Locs Phase: During this stage, the locks become more defined and start to take on a more uniform shape. The locks can be shaped and maintained by twisting the hair around the root and mid-section.

  4. The Mature Locs Phase: At this stage, the locks are fully formed and have reached their final shape. Regular maintenance is required to keep the locks neat and tidy.

  5. The Root Touch-Up Phase: This stage occurs when the roots of the locs start to unravel and need to be re-twisted. This stage can occur at any time during the growth process, but is more common in the later stages when the locks have become longer and heavier.

It is important to note that the process of growing locs can take several years, and the exact timeline can vary based on the individual's hair texture, type, and care routine.