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How To Get Pop Smoke Braids

If you’ve paid more attention to the trending hairstyles in 2022, you will discover that one of them is the pop smoke braids. It was a hairstyle inspired by the late Pop Smoke. It has one of the best creative designs and is highly versatile. Today, hundreds of thousands of people are dying to rock these braids in different forms. If you are one of them, then you should read this.  

What are Pop Smoke Braids?

Pop Smoke Braids are very distinct hair styles worn by women and men. It is regarded as a protective hairdo with a unique middle parting and four feed-in cornrows on each side of the head. It helps prevent friction-induced hair breakage and can be maintained easily. It was introduced by the late American rapper and singer Pop Smoke.

The interesting thing about Pop Smoke Braids is that they come in variations that can be adjusted to suit various needs – personality, accessories, and individual preferences. With this style, you can be creative – until you find the style that suits your hair length, texture, or type. However, the braids need proper maintenance to last for a long time. 


Types of Pop Smoke Braids? 

Pop Smoke Braids have gained massive popularity over the past few years. Apart from the rapper rocking the style, another contributing factor to its popularity is its availability in different types. Below are the 15 common types of braids you can try out. 

Small Pop Smoke Braids

It is one of the most popular Pop smoke styles and is recommended for people with a receding hairline or thin hair. This knotless braid takes a curved pattern and looks smaller. Nonetheless, Small Braids is a good style for men to rock. 

Long Pop Smoke Braids

The Long Pop Smoke Braids are the opposite of the small option. It is highly recommended for people with full hair – basically, considering hair length. It is a prominent style that can be matched perfectly with a nice haircut. 

Classic Braids

The Classic Braids is the most popular style because it is natural and easy to do. The results may differ from one hair to another, depending on the length. Thus, classic braids have short, medium, and long hair. 

Short Pop Smoke Braids

You would expect the short pop smoke braids to be similar to the small ones. Well, that isn’t entirely the case. The style here is based on hair length, not structure or receding line. With this Pop smoke braid style, you can get creative – sometimes, by adding weave. 

Art Pop Smoke Hair

Still part of creativity, Art Pop Smoke Hair is another option to consider. It mostly involves adding artsy patterns or getting creative with braiding. It could be simple or complex, depending on the braider or how you want to make it look. 

Beaded Pop Smoke Braids

Beaded Pop Smoke Braids are also a thing. It is definitely a bold choice for people who love hair accessories like beads. This embellishment adds beauty to the face. The beads can be patterned in various ways to create different looks – even with the same style. 

Colored Pop Smoke Braids

Pop Smoke introduced the regular braiding, but many people, especially rappers, have decided to switch the hairstyle up to taste – adding colors. Making colored pop smoke braids is definitely a brainer, and celebrities like Lil Yachty have adopted it as their personal style. 

Dreaded Braids

If you don’t want to go with colors, the Dreaded Braids are also allowed. Ideally, dreads and braids have been the most popular hairstyles in the world today. Thus, mixing both styles shouldn’t be a bad idea. As a matter of fact, the style is fancy and fashionable. It also offers a good level of protection against breakage. 

Pop Smoke Braids Boys

While considering men and women, kids are also exempted from trying out a unique Pop Smoke Braids hairstyle – the Boys style. It is always a distinctive style because of the simple design and stylish appearance. Besides, the hair isn’t so difficult to make and maintain. 

Pop Smoke Braids with Extensions 

Another unique style to try out with Pop Smoke Braids is to add extensions. It is not even a new style – it is now one of the popular trends in the world. Also, with this style, you can get creative and change your looks. Interestingly, it is one of the safest styles because you won’t need heat or glue (since they are factors responsible for hair damage). 

Pop Smoke Zig Zag Part Braids

Making Zig Zag patterns on a Pop Smoke braid is another way to rock the hairstyle. It is very attractive since it is also one of the ways to get creative. You can design the middle parting of this hairdo into whatever you want. Although it takes time, the braids can be designed based on hair type, length, and texture. 

Weaved Pop Smoke Braids

Like extensions, you can add weaves to pop smoke braids. It is another style that allows you to design as much as you want based on hair length or texture. Besides, weaves are known to contribute to volume and fullness. They also cover up thinning spots on your head. 

Jumbo Tribal Braids

The real Pop Smoke Braids are called Jumbo Tribal Braids. They are bold, expressive, look fuller, and can be beautified with beads or hair cuffs. 

Ombre Pop Smoke Braids

Ombre Pop Smoke Braids is all about combining different things to create a unique style. You can combine colors, add beads, and other hair accessories. This style is suitable for different hair textures and lengths. 

Three Layer Pop Smoke Braids

One more trending protective style is the Three Layer Pop Smoke Braids. It is a perfect option for people who want fuller hair and volume. It mainly involves designing into three different layers, each with significant features (colors or finishes). 

How Do You Get Pop Smoke Braids?

Getting Pop Smoke Braids shouldn’t be difficult, depending on the type. Every creativity takes time – you should know that. However, if you want to do one from any of those listed above, you should check the procedure on YouTube. Mostly, it involves brushing the hair, dividing the hair, and braiding into different sections according to the standard design.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Do Pop Smoke Braids Last?

With proper maintenance, Pop Smoke Braids can last between four to seven weeks. Sometimes, it could even be longer, depending on the type. 

Why Is It Called Pop Smoke Braids? 

It is called Pop Smoke Braids because it was introduced/inspired by the famous late American rapper, singer, and producer Pop Smoke. It was his signature hairstyle until his death at 21. 

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of Pop Smoke Braids depends on the type, hair size, length, and the braider. Most times, the price is up to $200 or more. 

How Many Braids Are In Pop Smoke? 

The traditional Pop Smoke Braids have four cornrows with a middle parting. 

How Do You Keep Pop Smoke Braids Fresh?

Pop Smoke Braids are sometimes high-maintenance. And to successfully keep them fresh, you need to tie the braid’s top under a neat scarf – mostly satin. You should also keep the ends down if you wear a bonnet.