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History of Locs

Ask anyone when and where locs began and you will receive a multitude of answers. It honestly depends on who you ask.

From the Indian deity Shiva, to the beautiful hieroglyphs depicted on Ancient Egyptian tombs and buildings, there is proof of loc’d hair since the dawn of time. Ancient Egyptian mummies have been discovered with their locs stiil in tact.

This proves that even thousands of years later, strong beautiful locs have always been, and will always be around.

Locs have been depicted and written about in many different cultures and religions. Even in Christianity, Sampson was said to have 7 locs of hair which held his strength.

From the roots of Ethiopia and modern day Pan- Africanism came the spiritual belief culture known as Rastafarianism.

Following the coronation of Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie I in 1930, Rastafarianism was born in Jamaica. As a part of this religion, growing and keeping locs is a part of their spiritual vows, never to be cut.

Eastern and Western traditions speak on energy transference through the head, believing that loc’ing your hair makes you stronger and healthier, as the hair holds in those energies.