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Complete Guide to Passion Twists

What are Passion Twists?

Passion twists are a type of crochet hairstyle that involves twisting synthetic hair into the natural hair to create a twisted, rope-like look. The style is typically created using a latch hook tool and crochet braiding hair.

How do you get passion twists?

To get passion twists, you'll need to start with clean, dry, and detangled natural hair. The synthetic hair is then looped through the natural hair using a latch hook tool and secured in place. The process is repeated to create a series of twists that can be styled in various ways. Passion twists can be installed by a professional stylist or done at home with the proper tools and techniques.

How long do passion twists last?

Passion twists typically last for about 2 to 3 months with proper maintenance, including regular washing and moisturizing of the natural hair. The longevity of the style will depend on several factors, including the type of hair used, the tightness of the twists, and the overall health of the natural hair.

What kind of hair do you need for passion twists?

Passion twists can be done on any type of hair, but it's best to have healthy, well-moisturized hair to ensure the best results. Natural hair that is prone to breakage or dryness may not hold up as well with this type of style.

How many twists do you need for passion twists?

The number of twists needed for passion twists will depend on several factors, including the desired fullness, length, and thickness of the style. Generally, a full head of passion twists will require several packs of synthetic hair, depending on the desired length and thickness. It's best to consult with a professional stylist to determine the exact amount of hair needed for your desired look.